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With influences like NWA, RUN DMC, Rakim, Heavy D , KRS ONE, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Kool G Rap ,Ice T, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick to Dr. Dre, Ice Cube , Jay Z, Nas, Notorious BIG, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, R.Kelly and the legendary 2PAC. You can say Rekkhan is all of these artists put together. With real ,insight, vivid, thought provoking lyrics with the ability to give you a clear picture of what he is saying. From pain, sadness, inspiration and drama. Rekkhan is an open book/movie/artist with vivid lyrics with a need to know basis attitude. Get to know Rekkhan.

"I can't be like you, i can only be me..I'm a survivor because I was raised to be one .Teach them "how to",not "can I',The gift of independence. And If i'm considered a loner because i choose to do my own thing,, then i wear that badge proudly."


Coming from a single parent home, Rekkhan learned to grind at an early age. But admits he got all his hustle and drive from his mother.

"All I know about game and hustling, I got it from my mother. She schooled me in her own way how to get mine. She told us if we want to get anything, you got to get it yourself. That way you owe nobody. And that's one of the philosophies I follow."


Like they say what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

"I've caught a few bullets, so what...I've been through unimaginable pain. And I know my trials and tribulations have just begun. I've been through it all, my music reflects that. But i'm still here. It has to be a reason  for that. And the people that listen to me understand me cause they know. That's all that matters. And I'm going to shine from that. REKK-cognize that."


Tupac said, "I guarantee, I will spark the brain that will change the world." You know what. Check the flame, REKKHAN is here.

"I'm untouchable baby, like me or love me, it doesn't matter ....I'll see you when i see you.The game's over-----------stop playing.


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